Bean paste desserts

Nerikiri (wagashi)

What is bean paste dessert?

It is a traditional Japanese dessert, Wagashi.

There are many different wagashi desserts and we make Nerikiri which is the moistest and has a soft texture.

Bean paste is made from white kidney beans we make the bean paste from scratch and there are no preservatives!

This wagashi is Gluten-free, Dairy-free, and Egg-free.

We make desserts in the shape of flowers, fruits, animals, or objects that represent each season if there is no special request.

There are different flavors of filling available!

Count Price

9 ct $72

16ct $128

Filling Flavors

Matcha, Black Sesame, Red bean, Roasted Soybean (In-jeol-mi)



We make our own bean paste which has NO preservatives.

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