Ddeok: Korean Rice cake


  • Ddeok (Korean: 떡) is a Korean rice cake, which also can be written as Dduk, Ddukk or Tteok in English. The word (떡) was derived from the verb of steaming, a method of making a ddeok. Many people is confused Ddeok with the dessert made from Rice Krispy cereal. Ddeok is NOT a Rice Krispy treat!
  • Ddeok is made with steamed flour and various grains. Steamed flour can also be pounded, shaped, or pan-fried to make ddeok.
  • Ddeok has been used in Korean cuisine and desserts to celebrate almost every events in Korea including holidays, first birthday and ancestral rites. some examples of Korean dishes made with ddeok includes ddeok-bok-ki, ddeok-gook.

If you are at Korean events, most likely there will be some form of ddeok served.

Is Ddeok Gluten-Free?

Although some ddeok is made with glucious rice, we use only non-glucious rice flour for our ddeok, whick makes it gluten-free. Its texture is unique and undescribable unlike the cake made of wheat flour.


  • We make a traditional Korean rice cake infused into modern cake styles, accented with edible flowers.
  • The edible flowers are made of either buttercream or white bean paste cream upon your request.
  • Each flower is unique, piped petal by petal, which makes it more alive, beautiful and closer to natural flower.
  • You can customize your cakes or cupcakes by choosing flowers, color combination, flavor and filling.

We add some vegetables, fruits or seeds such as sweet potato and black sesame seeds to make the Ddeok flavorful with natural colors.

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